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The end of the year is already in sight, and the weather is getting colder. Usually, this would be the time to open the closet and get out the warm weather gear. But unfortunately not everybody can afford warm clothing, like winter coats. To support people in her neighborhood who cannot afford winter coats, Random Acts Outreach Manager April Vian, with help from Random Acts, organized a coat drive.

A bunch of self-made, colorful cards with encouraging and kind wordsThe Idea

April knew the colder season was just around the corner. She had participated in drive-type events for Random Acts before and had been impressed by the donations.

“Coats are very much needed for our unhoused neighbors and low-income families in Seattle this time of year,”explained April.

To bring in some creativity and even more kindness, April and her friends sat together and organized a small event around the coat drive.

The festive season was arriving and April and her friends had the idea to wrap presents in exchange for coat donations. They also planned kindness activities, including making cards for children at Seattle Children’s hospital and senior citizens.

Preparations4 white plastic bin bags with coats are standing on the floor of a big room. More coats lie on a table

To promote the event, an infographic was created and shared via social media and with the families of the girl scouts who assisted. April and her friends then purchased wrapping paper, supplies, snacks, and materials for the kindness activities. April also researched local organizations that would accept coats and individuals that could help get coats where they were needed most.

The Coat Drive

The day of the coat drive arrived. There was a hustle and bustle while the girl scouts and their parents participated in kindness activities. Many cards were drawn and many presents were wrapped. But, most importantly, many coats were collected that day.
“In the end, we collected over 150 coats. The coats will be distributed to homeless individuals and shelters within Seattle,” said April.

Two woman wearing face masks are standing next to each other in a room with many filled boxes in shelves. In front of the women lie white bin bags with coats on a table.The coats were later delivered to the non-profit organization Mary’s Place to be passed out to unhoused neighbors, while some coats were delivered individually.

“It was a lot of fun combining an Act of Kindness with Kindness Activities,”reminisced April.

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