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Most of the time, friends play an important role in our lives. They are there for us, and we are there for them. And sometimes, our friends need our help. So when Random Acts supporter Blue Waterman learned of their best friend Belle’s outdated graphic tablet, they decided to support her with a new tablet.

An Old Tablet Makes Trouble

Blue’s best friend Belle works as a tattoo artist. But unfortunately, Belle was struggling more and more with the outdated tablet she used for drawing. Constantly, she was forced to interrupt her work due to the tablet crashing and files corrupting. Belle needed a new tablet to continue her work as a tattoo artist. But she had other priorities: Her mom was battling cancer, and Belle used most of her savings to support her. Hearing of Belle’s difficulties, Blue and their friends decided to help Belle with a much-needed new tablet.

A dark blue rectangular gift box with leafs and the name Belle in the middle in silverThe Quest Begins

Blue then set their plan in motion. First, they reached out to Random Acts to get support for their Kindness Act. The next step was to order the tablet. Blue found the right tablet online and also ordered a special pencil to go with it. Both of these items were vital for Belle’s work as a tattoo artist. Wanting to make the gift more personal, Blue placed an order for a personalized gift box for the tablet with Belle’s name on top. Blue also collected handwritten messages of love and support from everyone involved to include in the gift.

A Tablet-Shaped SurpriseA woman is happily showing some things to the camera. She has short brown hair, wears a black hoodie. Some small tattoos are visible on her hands and fingers. In her hand is an opened gift box with loads of colourful messages glued to the top. Inside the gift box is a graphic tablet and a special pen to go with it.

After some waiting and some suspiciousness on Belle’s part, the day of the surprise had finally arrived. Belle was presented with the tablet while Blue and their friends watched via Zoom.

“At first, Belle was confused, then speechless, then just so excited and touched. All of us were crying”, recalls Blue.

Belle was overjoyed because it was so much easier to create her art now. She spent the entire day telling Blue about every new feature of the tablet she discovered. As an artist, the new tablet means a lot to Belle. But the tablet is also a daily reminder of the many people in Belle’s life who love her.

Seeing Belle this happy, filled Blue with joy, and they felt grateful that they were able to make a difference in their best friend’s life.

Do you know someone who could need some support? If you already have an idea for your own Act of Kindness, reach out to your Regional Representative for guidance or head directly to our Acts of Kindness page to apply for funding. Do you need more inspiration? Check out our other amazing Kindness Stories for ideas.